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Design & Development

Innovative designers develop new fabrics & designs. In order to cater to the needs of our diverse clientele, our designers use CLO | 3D fashion design software which reduces the number of physical prototypes needed to check fit and garment appearance.

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Always Learning

Our design team travels to fairs and workshops all over the world to keep in touch with the latest techniques and trends.

Research & Development

Our R&D division is run by our design & development team and experts in fabric manufacturing. Designers and experts work together to turn ideas into life and showcase new fabrics to our clients.

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Sampling Department

Our garment sampling department is equipped with 100 sewing machines and a sample finishing section. Experienced and technical employees work using a Computer-aided design (CAD) pattern-making system and Lectra3D software to make samples as per the client's requirement.


We have the capacity for 12 tons per day with Italian-brand dyeing machines. With high temperature and high-pressure package dyeing machines, we can dye Cotton, viscose, PC, CVC, Filament/Spun polyester, sewing thread, linen yarn and all other yarn dyeings.



Our knitting plants in Abanti Colour Tex Ltd. and Crony Apparel Ltd. have a combined capacity of 65 tons per day. We proudly use Jiunn Long high-speed knitting machines, capable to produce 600 kg per machine per day. Moreover, our production floors are well-ventilated with an underground air ducting suction line which removes dust and provides fresh air for both our valued employees and machines.


Machine/ Brand name           Origin         Quantity

Circular knitting M/C             Taiwan             63

(JIUNN LONG)                   


Auto Stepper M/C                   Japan               4



Inspection M/C                       Taiwan               4


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We are equipped with collar knitting and tape/cord-making machines to develop various interesting knit collars and novelty tapes/draw cords.

image 58_edited.jpg
Rectangle 16.png


Our dyeing capacity is 70 tons per day. Our intricate dyeing facilities consists of automatic dispensing systems from the Italian brand, Lawer and MNC, Thermo Electric. We strictly follow the latest environmental guidelines to make sure our waste is minimal.


Machine/ Brand name                 Origin                 Quantity             Capacity


Sclavos, Athena 3A                       Greece                       7                      7400 kg


500,1500,1500 kg) 

Canlar SMART                                Turkey                        7                      6650 kg


300,100,200,1500,150,100 kg) 


Brazzoli & Ak m/c                         Italy & Turkey              4                      1100 kg


Machine/ Brand name                           Origin                 Quantity             Capacity

Canlar Sample Dyeing m/c                Italy                      20                   635 kg

Thermo Electronica                              Italy                       1

(Salt Soda)

Lawer Autodispense & MR scale       Italy                       1


Dyeing is assisted by finishing machines that guarantee a clean, high-quality textile. Crony Group has ensured that it uses the most environmentally friendly systems, without compromising its quality.



Machine/ Brand name                   Origin                 Quantity              Capacity


Slitting Corinio                                     Italy                         3                     +/- 30 ton

Squeezer Corinio                                Italy                          1                      +/- 8 ton

Stenten Bruckner                            Germany                   3                     +/- 36 ton

Dryer Santex                                      China                         1                     +/- 12 ton

Open Compactor                               Italy                          4                     +/- 48 ton

Ferraro/ Lafer

Machine/ Brand name                      Origin                 Quantity               Capacity


Brushing, Sueding, Lafer                   Italy                            2                     +/- 12 ton

Tube Tex, Calender Machine             USA                           2                      +/- 8 ton

Yilmark Tumble Dryer                        Turkey                       2

DSCF2644 1_edited_edited.jpg


The laboratory operates as an independent department, playing the most crucial role in the production phase to maintain the highest quality of fabric and garments. Our scientists check all finished fabric properties using state-of-the-art equipment from the UK & USA. The application lab develops color formulation using the Data Colour & Minolta Spectrophotometer and Robotic Lawer dye solution dispenser.


The company prides itself in mastering all printing techniques, including reactive prints. With Stenter and Lafer compactors from Turkey and Italy, we are able to produce 20 tons of AOP finishing per day. Our AOP facility spans 46,240 square feet, allowing for a large and safe working environment.

Group 36.png


Crony P&E have a printing capacity of over 200 thousand pieces per day. We have sublimation printing machines, placement print machines and table printing available. We are experts in a diverse range of printing styles such as pigment, rubber, discharge, plastisol, foil, glitter, flock, puff, silicon, emboss, thermolite, caviar, crack, UV, high density print, aroma, glow in the dark, reactive, vinyl and are able to do many more according to clients needs. 


The embroidery facility is well equipped with 20 Tajima Japanese 20 Head Embroidery machines. Our capacity is 50 million+ stitches per day which allows us to be a one-stop solution for any brand.



We use Kuris and Orox auto spreading and auto cutting machines made in Italy and Germany to maintain quality and precision.

Our cutting capacity is 5.2 million pieces per month.

Rectangle 8-2.png


Our combined dyeing and washing facilities have a capacity of 25,000 pieces per day. By using modern machines from Turkish-made Yilmak, we are able to meet buyer requirements and demand. We offer pigment dye, oil dye, fluorescent dye, dip dye, antique wash, stone wash dye, cold pigment dye, burnout wash and denim wash.


Crony Group has a total of 178 sewing lines leading to over 220,000 pieces produced per day. All our companies are fully compliant to create a safe and happy working environment for our employees. 

We use modern methods, such as a conveyer belt system and end-of-line packing to improve efficiency and output. Our IE department is constantly working with management to develop our production methods. 


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