What began as 4 sewing lines with the capacity of producing less than 8000 pieces of garments per day in 1994, has become present-day Crony Group.


A leading composite textile manufacturer with the capacity of producing over 250,000 pieces of garments per day and over 15,000 employees in 9 different sister concerns. 


From the very beginning of our journey, our founders, AH Aslam Sunny and Neela Hosna Ara, focused on achieving the highest production efficiency and quality possible. This focus still remains prominent in all our businesses with great prosperity.


Their visionary leadership has allowed the establishment of our major subsidiaries, Abanti Colour Tex Ltd, Crony Tex Sweater Ltd, S.S Cotton Fabrics Ltd, Crony Apparels Ltd and Crony Embroidery & Printing Ltd. Ultimately becoming a distinguished vendor for some of the most renowned apparel brands in Europe and North America.


Crony Group continues to experience substantial growth with plans to diversify as a conglomerate into more industries in the future.

Crony Group